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Clio. Women, Gender, History is a biannual journal focusing on the history of women and gender. It welcomes contributions from all scholars whose research foregrounds women, or offers gendered interpretations of societies, and covers all periods of history up to the present day. Each issue is planned around a single theme and regularly features specialized case-study articles, current research, documents, primary sources, interviews, and sections dedicated to book reviews and books received. The journal is open to interdisciplinary approaches and also regularly publishes non-themed articles under Varia. The French version is online at this address >

Latest issue
38 | 2013
Working Women, Working Men

Edited by Xavier Vigna and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel

This issue of Clio aims to give visibility to the women and men who have become invisible during the de-industrialization of the West. By reintroducing the dimension of gender to a history of industrialization on a global scale, it draws attention not only to the double domination undergone by female workers, both as wage-earners and as women, but also to their practical actions in the « arts of resistance », as well as to mutations in the forms of working class masculinities.

Editor's notes

Editor for the English online edition: Siân Reynolds

Clio’s book reviews [“Clio a lu”] are not translated into English. They are available in French on the website of Clio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire :


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